1. Franchise cost for Jimmy’s Killer Prawns
    • The average set up cost for a store up to 200sqm is from R1.4m. 200sqm to 250sqm from R1.8m depending on various factors such as the size of the premises, location, pre-opening expenses, opening inventory, selection of equipment, signage, seating quantity, style of décor & landscaping, etc, the cost may change.
    • The initial joining franchise fee is R100k excluding vat.
    • Working capital required is R100k.
    • Transport costs which applies to stores 50km outside of Johannesburg is R25k.

     All of the costs mentioned above do not include any structural changes to fixed property like shop fronts, air conditioners, building of external walls, demolishing & outside deck or outside flooring, opening inventory, vat, etc. The final costs will only be determined once the particular site has been inspected & assessed & it excludes any potential tenant installation allowance received from the landlord.

    A minimum of 50% of the set up costs must be unencumbered  & the balance can be financed. However, being a turn-key operation, the full amount together with the initial joining franchise fees will have to be fully paid up before the project commences.

    1. Additional Funding
    • The Jimmy’s Group has been accredited with various financial institutions and only a 20% initial amount is required from the franchisee. A portion of the finance amount is interest free.


    • A national marketing fee is also applicable depending on the brand & this too also has to be paid on a monthly basis by no later that the 7th of each month.


    • Submitting a completed application form does not in any way guarantee acceptance. It is simply the first step in a process that is designed to ensure that both parties will be happy joining forces through a franchise agreement.
    • Your application will be reviewed & you will be notified telephonically & via e-mail of the review result.
    • Credit checks, financial checks, deeds check, etc. will be undertaken & applicants meeting the Jimmy’s initial criteria & requirements will be interviewed by a Director of Jimmy’s Group of Companies for final approval.
    • The Managing Director & CEO will then decide whether the applicant will be approved to commence training.


    • Approved applicants have to agree to successfully complete the Jimmy’s full training programme at Jimmy’s Head Office & the designated training store.
    • Training is vital & it is fundamentally important to the success & profitability of the business. The training also ensures that the operations are uniform from one store to another store.
    • It will be the responsibility of the franchisees to recruit their staff members with the assistance of Jimmy’s if required.


    • The business model has been designed to achieve a return on investment within a period of 24 months to 36 months.
    • No guarantees are made as all businesses have their own risks.


Do I need to have found a premises/location in order to get a franchise?
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I would like to communicate with the Franchise Manager, before I submit an application form.
Once I have submitted my application, how long will it be before I receive a response?
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What is the duration of my Franchise agreement with Jimmy’s?
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